>Full teardown and super cleaning of most guns is $50.

>Scope Mounting and Boresighting is FREE when you buy the scope from us.  Only a nominal fee otherwise, and we'll set it up while you wait. 

>We have the ability to either hydrodip or provide GunKote coverage of most any gun, all done in-house. Thousands of patterns and colors to choose from.

>Gun doesn't work?  Bring it in and we'll figure out why. If repairs are needed we either have or can track down parts for your used firearms.

>New or Used, let us return your gun to like new performance.

>Drilling and tapping receivers for scopes is $20.00 per hole

>We offer professional hot bluing of your firearm, with cost for most guns around $125.

>We are able to cut down stocks for a custom fit, add recoil reducers to your rifles and shotguns, fit and affix buttpads, install custom triggers, re-line rimfire rifles, or even cast the chamber on rifles with an unknown caliber. In the near future, we'll be ready to re-barrel and re-chamber rifles as well. 

>Victim of a home fire? We offer estimates, repairs, and restorations. We've worked with many insurance companies and will take care of you, the gun owner, to get your prized possessions back in working order or help recoup their value. 


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